4 Local Gems in Stonington/Mystic, Connecticut

coffee_adventure-mystic-connecticutSomething that excites us at Salt is the ability to keep things local. We are all about supporting local businesses, eating local foods and finding hidden local treasures. Here is a list of just 4 wonderful places all within 10 miles of our brick and mortar shop and workspace. Grab a coffee and head out for an adventure.

Vault – Vault Coffee Roasters
Building 7b
Old Mystic Village, CT
Opened in 2014
Manager: Brad Bensko

Brad’s favorite coffee is black Ethiopian Sidamo. No cream, no sugar. It is chocolatey with a bit of berry and very smooth finish. Brad is inspired by music which is how he got into coffee. He says that at first, coffee was just a way to make money so he could continue his music but he then realized that coffee also has an artistic side and it became an equal passion.

Coffee fuels my energy for music. Music and Coffee… sounds like a perfect combination.

Salt’s favorite: Spanish Latte in cold weather and Iced Black Velvet in the summer.

16 Stonington Rd
Stonington, CT
Opened in 2011
Owner: Mike

Owner, Mike loves art and eccentric pieces. He loves the more bizarre pieces in the shop. Mike is inspired by creativity in business, the idea behind re-purpose and re-use. He loves meeting people from every walk of life who come into the shop from all over the world.

Salt’s favorite things: Doors and chests for repurposing

The Velvet Mill
22 Bayview Avenue
Stonington, CT

This building was built by the town in 1888 as a way to develop a new industry. In 1891 A. Wimphiers Bro, Inc was weaving and dying velvet in Long Island until a malaria outbreak occurred and they relocated to Stonington, CT. Today artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and makers call the Velvet Mill home. It is an inspiring place filled with creativity, charm, and history.

Salt’s favorite artists who have work in the brick + mortar: Annie Wildey & Laura Gaffke

The Peace Sanctuary and River Road
Open from Dawn till Dusk.
Free parking available along River Road.

Located on River Road, The Peace Sanctuary is maintained by the Denison Pequot Nature Center. The Peace Sanctuary is 45 acres of a beauty that is very calming and quiet with beautiful views of the Mystic River. River Road is also an incredibly beautiful scenic drive that is a great alternative to beat the downtown Mystic Traffic and the drawbridge.

One of our favorite things to do is to pick up a delicious Spanish Latte at Vault and then drive back to Mystic on River Road.

For moms, like our writer, Jackie, it is a great way to get your tired babe to fall asleep in the car while you get to enjoy a treat.


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