Loves 01 – Motherhood Story Book

The time spent with a new baby is both fleeting and beautiful. Watching them grow, learn, and smile is quite fascinating. The first years contain so many milestones and so many precious moments–simply too many capture.

But Victoria Gloria is attempting to do just that: capture those quiet yet memorable moments. Her project, The Motherhood Story Book, is a photo gallery, a blog, and a book. We absolutely adore her whimsical and emotional style of photography.

Victoria harmonizes with the world of these women and captures the genuineness of motherhood through both touching stories and radiant photographs. Her work has come together into a beautiful story accompanied by equally beautiful pictures.

Victoria has an incredible eye for capturing candid photos between mother and child–which is no easy task. Nothing about her photos is posed or stiff, they are clearly pure and genuine. She captures the simply beauty as these Mamas go about their normal days.

What intrigues us the most is how these beautifully light moments also have an element of depth to them. She clearly has an amazing gift and we simply love it.

Be sure to check out all the amazing motherhood stories that Victoria is sharing over on her website.

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