Salt Team • Meet Taennyr

Currently a student and an intern at Salt, Taennyr has a longtime passion for the arts and is known to have her head in the clouds from time to time. She loves to find the beauty in the smallest things, and though she can be quite disorganized she is always bursting with ideas as well as inspiration for new creative projects and exciting adventures.
Taennyr can usually be found wearing an oversized flannel in her messy studio sketching or painting, accompanied by her two cats and a steaming cup of coffee. She is both inspired and fascinated by nature, art museums filled with old paintings, the work of Hayao Miyazaki, her cousin’s photography, pen and ink, and the ocean.

A few of her favorite things: deep emerald greens, twinkle lights, cats, traveling, the city at night, sketching, the fresh smell after a long rainstorm, big sweaters, journaling, her acoustic guitar, summer nights, silver rings, light icy blues, watercolors, pale sunsets, Monet, autumn, and coffee.

photo credit Amma Rhea Photography

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