Salt Team • Meet Jackie

From backstage in the tents of Paris Fashion week, to a solo adventure camping in the vast and wild Serengeti, Jackie has truly made life happen. Her sense of adventure has been an inspiration for others and her friends actually call her crazy ideas and dreams that usually end up happening, Jackie-logic. Jackie logic is something so wildly out there, such a large dream that just may end up happening with persistence, patience and an inner desire to seek out the unknown.

Jackie is currently working as a freelance writer, although she likes to refer to herself as a storyteller. She has worked in communications for a number of international human rights based organizations and her personal writing has been published in Elephant Journal and The Cultureist.

She is also a busy full-time mama and wife to a swell guy she met while living in Ghana, West Africa.

A few of her favorite things: real food, travel, her baby girl, coconut, new cultures, dance, learning, questioning authority, fresh flowers, sandy bottoms, salty hair, that tired feeling you have after a long beach day, doing the opposite of what people tell her to do, rompers, floral head crowns, gold shimmer, locally sourced food.

photo credit Amma Rhea Photography

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