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Victoria is an incredibly talented self-taught photographer whose passion for motherhood and family has launched an incredibly beautiful project she calls, The Motherhood Story. Inspired by the journals and photos her own mother created for her and her siblings, because Victoria holds these so close to her heart, she thought, “Why don’t I make a book like this for families?”

Victoria inspires us with her love for life, her incredibly beautiful candid photos and her poetic words about her dream life. And although she is typically behind the camera, you may catch a glimpse of her beautiful brown hair and perfect eyebrows on her instagram page- we can get lost there for hours.

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What is it about motherhood that inspired you to make a career of photographing and telling the stories of mothers?

The idea behind My Motherhood Story books came from the journals my mother made me and my siblings and I as we grew up. She would take photos of us in our playroom, our messy spaghetti faces, us blowing bubbles and on a special occasion–such as easter Sunday–my father would take beautiful portraits of her in sundress with us in cute little pressed outfits. In the journals she would write little notes about us, such as what our favorite food was at the moment, or a funny line we would say. She would also write the things she loved most about us. I hold my journal so close to my heart and enjoy reading through it from time to time.

Photography is such a saturated industry now so and I was thinking long and hard, it took a lot of pow-wows with my fiancé Angelo, what could make me "stand out" against other photographers, and my mother's journals struck a thought, "Why don't I make a book like this for families? I'm lucky enough to have a mama who did this for me and my siblings,  because not everyone has one of these special journals.


Where did you get the spirit and motivation to begin your own business and career?

While going through college as a nutritionist I was also a nanny and a studio manager for a local photographer and I absolutely fell in love with her lifestyle. Essentially, all I wanted to be was a stay-at-home mom, a career was never really my focus, but my parents taught me that you need to pay the bills somehow. But this photographer was home with her babies all day and in the evenings when her husband was home she would go off to a shoot or go in her office to do some work on her computer. The idea of being a stay-at-home mom while running a creative business really drew me in. In school, they never really focused on careers in the art field, even though there are sooooo many jobs out there other than an astronaut, a teacher or a doctor.  

What was your childhood like?

Wonderful. Like a dream. It is all thanks to my parents. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up so every my parents would make little experience we had special. We spent a lot of time outside swimming in lakes, fishing, eating sticky fruit on the porch, and having hopscotch contests….My parents made our home our little paradise since we didn’t have because vacations were not in our reach. They were always good at coming up with new and exciting ideas for us. They were really passionate about parenthood and I believe that is why my childhood was incredible.


 What do you hope people see and learn from your motherhood stories?

Love and comfort. There is so much focus on the ugly in the world and my hope is to remind people that there still is as much, if not more, beauty in the world."

You just have to change the glass you are looking through. If you give a child love, both tough and sweet, you will be giving the world a great gift and that is an incredible human.

You say that you really can not wait for parenthood, but what are you embracing right now that may change once you are a mother?

Binge watching anything at anytime of the day. HA!!  Also waking up to a day of absolutely nothing on the agenda.  If we want to roadtrip to the Catskills that day, we can. I can just make myself a bowl of cereal without having to worry to cook for anyone. I don’t need to do laundry that day, I don’t need to clean sticky finger prints off the walls….so I guess you can say, I am embracing not having to do house chores. I know parenthood is a full-time gig, just by watching my nephews for a whole weekend, so I am enjoying my peace and freedom.

What inspires you?

Flowers, happy hour with creative friends, Sunday mornings sipping on coffee and listening to a new album with Angelo, and learning about other creatives—especially creative mothers.

What artist or photographer inspires you?

Anna Bond, Annie Mertlich, Kristina Meltze, Nicki Sebastian, Yan Palmer, and my mother.

 How did you become a photographer?

Self taught. I bought a full-frame camera, a Nikon D800, and went on and watched a week's worth of videos about how to operate my camera. Then I took some creative classes online at The Define School, which really pushed me to get out there and shoot anything and everything. I also studied photographers work who I admire.

What do you do in your down time?

Instagram HA!!

Walking my pup Laya, yoga and cooking. But those are pretty much every day tasks so aside from those I love looking for inspiration. Whether that be in a magazine, on a lifestyle blog, instagram or a flower garden, usually with a warm cup of coffee in my hand.



How do you stand out in a crowd of many photographers?

I think that my product, My Motherhood Storybook, is what stands me out in a crowd of photographers. It’s unique, it’s deeply meaningful and it’s from the heart.

What does a dream life mean to you?

Living a simple life in a beautiful home, doesn't matter the size, with a garden, a yard for my children to play in, flowers everywhere, laughter, love and frequent trips to cities to explore and learn.

I overheard someone say this the other day at a local coffee shop and I can’t get it out of my head,

You have to try new things, otherwise you live a boring life.”

And that is my new life motto. Because he is SO right! I get so comfortable with things that I like and I have a stubborn streak so it is important for me to try new things with an open mind. I don’t want to live a boring life with the same schedule every single day. I like last minute plans, they’re what keep me alive.

Photography by Mojalvo

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