joy, adventure, and community

Our blog and website are centered around simple, better and creative living. Founded by Patti Murphy in 2015 as a seaside art and gift shop, Salt is transforming into an entire lifestyle, including a new website and online shop. The inspiration behind the name came from the meaning of the element of salt itself. At Salt, we aspire to be a positive, high vibe place that inspires the extraordinary in your life.

The Mission

Our goal at Salt is to create an inspirational space: a community of artists and creatives driven by their desire to live a fulfilled life.

We want to be more than just another place to buy--we want Salt to be a place that inspires and is open to collaboration, a place where creatives share a similar vision and lifestyle. We absolutely love being a community where creative individuals can come together to collaborate, inspire each other, and share new ideas. Salt is dedicated to bringing you articles and posts that can help to spark new ideas, discover new artists, and new creative tools.


We welcome all with open arms and are always looking for new dreamers to collaborate with. Email us if you would like to get involved at