Building a Productive Work Week

At the beginning of the week the many days ahead can seem very daunting, but it is also a chance for a fresh start. I think can all agree, when you start Monday off on the right foot, it is easier for the rest of the days of the week to fall into place. Here are some tips for setting the mood for a productive week.

Make Breakfast A Priority

It’s easy to get caught up in everything you need to do and just grab a quick bite or skip it all together. Having a solid breakfast (with some caffeine of your choice) will keep your brain and body fueled for the day. My favorite breakfast options are, avocado toast with a hard boiled egg or some overnight oats, like this yummy banana peanut butter one

Plan Ahead

Make a weekly schedule so you in order to space out your tasks to make them more manageable and less daunting. Use a handy planner or I also like to work from a single lined sheet of paper every week, and toss it when you start a fresh week.

Create An Inspiration Board For The Week   

Think of what kind of week you want to have, things that motivate you, and the things you want to accomplish in the upcoming days. Create an inspiration board (digitally or by hand) that embodies all these things so you can look to it for inspiration throughout the week.

Deep Clean Your Spaces

Start by organizing and deep cleaning your workspace, by doing so you’ll be more motivated to sit down and work in your newly clean space. Once you’ve done that sit down to sort through and delete needless emails, and finish off by organizing your desktop so all your spaces are clean and ready for the week.

Give Yourself Breaks and Rewards

Always make time for yourself. Everyone is only human and needs a break now and again, make sure to fit time to relax in your schedule. Reschedule things as needed! Also, remember to reward yourself for the things you’ve accomplished throughout the week–Walk breaks and manicures are my go to treats for myself. 

Make it a good one!

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